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31 July 2007

Tuesday July 31
10:45 p.m.
Is it true I haven’t worked out since last Friday? Yes, I think it’s true. You know what that means: tomorrow I AM getting up early, so that I can go run. This project—on all levels—is too important to let fall flat just because August is here and all the stress of the job is here with it.

Today during a break in the staff retreat (in which I kept almost seeing episodes of The Office. For example: our little group for the “how many things do you have in common?” ice breaker…Myrna, adorably spunky and senior, “do we all go to church on Sunday? Have we all ridden a motor cycle?”) I talked to Kevin—my new coworker, the cross-country runner—about my half marathon dreams for December 1.

“So you’re going to start training now?” he said to me, with wide eyes of disbelief.
I feigned confidence, “oh yeah! I’ve read articles that say you can train in 10 weeks…”
“So there’s a plan to run one in 10 weeks.” He gave me another wide-eyed, “wow…” look. As if I had just told him I read an article that told me I could learn how to fly in the same amount of time. “oh you did. Wow.” Not quite the reaction I was hoping to get from the professional runner in my life.

I scoff in the face of him, with his tiny shorts and understanding of all the jargon in Runner’s World that continues to baffle me.

I’ve got coffee grounds in the shower to cure cellulite, along with the pavement pounding that is sure to begin bright and early tomorrow. (Saw the coffee grounds thing on Ellen. Supposed celebrity beauty secret. We’ll see what my thighs have to say about that. If nothing else, it helps me wake up.)

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