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Today show

3 August 2007

Friday, August 3
11:20 p.m.

I discovered the last few days that The Today Show at 9:30 (about the time I’m grabbing my quick cereal before meeting for RA training stuff) is prime wellness time. On Wednesday they were talking about fitness and sex. How there are 100s of answers on some nationwide survey of what motivates people to have sex , [being in love? How quaint. Apparently there’s much more to it than that], one of which was staying in shape. However, an hour of running burns 800 calories while an hour of sex burns a mere 300. This tells me my yearlong pursuit of working out instead of making out is going to be better for me in the long run. Not that me running for an hour is any more likely than me having sex for an hour in the near (or let’s just be honest here, distant) future.

Then on Thursday, I switched on Today again to find demonstrations of gym workouts you can do at home! right there on the Plaza. And I didn’t really learn anything that my YM magazine didn’t tell me in 7th grade.
Pushups are good for your arms.
Squats are good for your thighs.

I KNOW these things, but I must not know know them, or else I would do them. Ah, there’s the tricky part. How do I put the things I know academically (“pushups will make me stronger”) into something I know physically (“I will do a pushup now”)? That’s the magic secret. I’ll get to work on that, as soon as I stop stressing, doing unnecessary tasks, and overanalyzing my life…

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