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12 August 2007

Now you wanna talk strange signs from God endorsing my creativity…

Yesterday in Simple Abundance the reflection was on how creativity comes to all of us, and we need to just embrace it, or it might leave us for someone else. The whole entry was a leetle too mumbo jumbo, crystal-lite-spirituality, “love the world and it’ll love you” for even my schmaltzy tastes, but I like the idea that there’s a divine well of creativity out there, and it is seeking ME even as I seek it.

So last night I was killing some time online. (I friggen stalk down time and butcher its whole family sometimes…) and was looking up cute, short hairstyles on google image. Because my cute, short hairstyle in May has become oddly-shaped and dumpy in August. I clicked on a cute pic of Sienna Miller, and it took me to this blog called “One more mile” which I just happened to notice was chronicling a woman’s running journey: her total km this year, life, pictures, anecdotes, and links to OTHER running blogs.

And I said, “OK, I GET IT!” Divine creative well shoving its stuff all up in my face. I get it loud and clear.

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