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walk down memory lane

14 August 2007

Tues August 14
7:57-8:20 p.m. run/walk
iPod shuffle:
changing it up, this time all The Faint

Listening to the Faint while running w/my iPod brings back memories of the first time I ever ran with an iPod, when my boyfriend (another ex) had let me borrow his. I’d never heard The Faint before, and something about running with irreverent electronica in my ears made me feel powerful. This was back in early junior year when I was in luv and trying to be healthy and run with my boyfriend.

This was before he gave me mono, and focusing on my physical fitness took on a whole new meaning: like, not dying.

Ok there was that walk down memory lane! At least my walks down memory lane are the results of ACTUAL walks to places besides the refrigerator…

So what a difference just a few weeks makes. Tonight I ran in my grey shorts w/o thinking twice. I hate my legs with less fervor. Nay, I almost love them again.

Hugest news of all: Today I knew it was going to be hot, and wanted to wear some capris to work, but also knew that my dirty clothes were piling up, so I thought just for laughs I ought to try on some pants that I wore on my spring break ‘06 cruise. I pulled them out of the drawer, wrinkles deep from so much drawer time, and pulled them up, buttoned them over, and to my surprise the process didn’t hurt! Hallelujah they fit!! So I switch on my iHome, feeling I need to rock out in victory, and “Don’t stop believing” is the first song ready to go. That’s right Journey, I won’t stop believing. Miracles can happen, even when you aren’t really planning on them.

Oh man, I’m tired. And there’s a hollow spot in my brain where I feel like maybe I’m forgetting to write about something…but I can’t grasp it. Like the spot of reflected light on glass bowls that I used to try to grab, but wasn’t really there.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    9 October 2007 4:47 pm

    Who’s this other ex? He sounds awesome! Like the best really… (I hope the ellipsis doesn’t elude me).

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