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The Mouse Saga: Episode 2

19 August 2007

As for Mousegate, oh the drama accelerates. Last week he managed to remove the Snickers from the humane trap without being caught. Today I came home to find that my mouse friend had outsmarted the humane mousetrap yet again. This time I discovered little shreds of plastic, and the trap dragged inches around the corner from its original location. I call mom, a little disturbed. Not sure if he’s in there and angry, or in there and dead from a tiny mouse heart attack, or in there at all. Kick it around, and there’s no noise or weight, pick it up and discover a tiny gnawed-in hole! Smaller than the size of a quarter, yet big enough for Houdini rat to escape. Wow. So I’m afraid he’s angry at me, but mom reminds me his mind is not that sophisticated. But if he’s smart enough to unshelf, unwrap, and enjoy a delectable dark chocolate snickers, and smart enough to escape from a friggen mousetrap, I figure this guy might be smarter than your average rodent.

Well this morning, after finding poop on and around my clean dishes, *ugh* I decided it was time to set the not-humane traps. The old school snap trap kind, whose instructions are cold and austere compared with its purpose:
1) Place bait in bait pedal. Pull back bow and hold down with thumb.
2) Engage locking bar on curved portion of bait pedal.
3) Place trap(s) with bait pedal facing wall.
They neglect to mention step 4: decapitate the rodent of your choice.

And as I’m using a spoon to scrape peanut butter into the crevices of the lever, I get really sad, and start apologizing OUT LOUD to the little guy for the fact that I have to kill him, and rationalizing that I don’t want diseases all over my cooking surfaces. I was genuinely affected by the process, and half afraid I’d smash my thumb. That would suck, too.

I don’t know how I’ll feel if the traps end up working. I’ve been told by both Heather B and Whitney that I will have a moment of entitlement and empowerment, which I hope is the case. But there’s something about killing another mammal that feels less like squishing a pest and more like murdering a comrade ☹ so sad…

100_0788_1.JPG 100_0797_1.JPG
actual crime scene photos

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  1. Elise permalink
    10 October 2007 7:07 pm

    Read “Mice” by Lucy Corin. I think you’d like her book, “The Entire Predicament.” I’m only partway through it, and only partway through “Mice.” But still. It seems appropriate.

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