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5280 feet

22 August 2007

Wed Aug 22

7:31 a.m.: deep, dark secret confessed…sometimes I snack before bed. I mean, nowhere near the literal fourth meal I used to consume last year, but last night after Elliott left (ex-boyfriend/good friend is moving to California. talk about excuse to snack…) I read On Chesil Beach in bed and ate 2 corn cakes. I justify that it’s just corn cakes. Just 2. But just 2 is still 70 calories, and I can’t afford to let those sneak up on me again, and make me not fit in my cute new clothes—or tight old ones. Looking and feeling good matter too much to mindlessly eat, and I HAVE to remember that. Because I’m hungry for breakfast in the morning whether I snacked or not, so it’s better to not. Stop the guilty pleasures, sister.
Guilt isn’t all that pleasurable.

today’s iMix:
Last Goodbye—Jeff Buckley
Sir Duke—Stevie Wonder
All I Need—matchbox 20

RAN A MILE!!! Without stopping!!!
Alert the media, ladies and gentlemen. It is Wednesday, August 22, and Sarah Jenkins has run a mile, for the first time in months, in perhaps a year, and she has not died, and her lungs have not exploded, and she may not be able to kill her own mice, but she can run 5280 feet, and she is on top of the effing world!
Plus she’s reading a new novel that she likes very much, On Chesil Beach.
So. Who needs a man? I’ve got projects!

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