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squirrels and the psych ward

24 August 2007

Fri Aug 24
8:20-8:40 ran one mile. Again. Booyah.

All Justin Timberlake all the time. Love JT now and forever.
Two thoughts:

1) Squirrels
2) The psych ward.

And no, not as in

1) I am one
2) I belong in one.

The squirrels are just so darn cute at old DU, I have to stop myself from pausing in my run to make various high pitched girly cutesy sounds. (This is the reaction most girls have to babies. I’m not most girls.) They’re just so adorable with their superfast arm movements as they groom or consume tree fodder. The way they freeze in mid frenzy the second they see me coming, ears perked, eyes wide, and then scamper one way or another if I get too close. I just can’t get enough, and I wonder how much they are able to comprehend in their squirrel brains. “Here comes another one of those fast humans. So scary and red faced and panting. She must want to eat me. I can think of no other logical explanation. Run!”

As for 2) Every time I run by Cox North, and I guess that makes today and yesterday…up until then I was unable to run that far…I think to myself something like, “I’m running to keep myself out of there.” Or without even putting it into words, there’s a palpable feeling of dread and memories of visits, and knowing I don’t want to ever get that far down the road. And I know one way I can prevent it is to keep running down the road–to, by, and past Cox North, as fast as I can.

9:30 a.m.
Why is it that every time I switch on the Today show while eating breakfast—and I don’t do it all that often—they are talking about workout-related stuff? Today, Gabrielle Reese who is HELLA tall, was marketing her new campaign to get girls into sports, and showing off cute tshirts that say “athlete” and such. And I don’t feel like I’m going to become one of those “GIRLS ARE HARD CORE!” people who thinks that baseball is more important than ballet or Barbies. I think that just because girls CAN play sports, that doesn’t mean that all girls SHOULD. I believe that all children should take art classes and be exposed to literature, but you don’t see many boys wearing tshirts that say “artistic”. It’s interesting the ways we choose to empower people. Nike can profit from girls wearing athlete tshirts. Who profits from other hobbies? YES it’s healthy to be active, but there are 100 other ways to be active other than organized sports. Not all girls are ubercompetitive Not all girls like to be public with their workouts.
Huh. Didn’t mean to turn into a rant. But okay. Take a shower.

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