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I still have so much to learn

5 September 2007

Wednesday September 5
8:50-9:28 Run/walk, then some strength work
shoot, new shuffle reshuffled when I thought I sent it back to the first song. Figuring it out, but I love it! A varied mix of “work it out” playlist. Pump up the jams! It’s odd to run without something in my hand. Have gotten used to holding my iPod mini. Now the shuffle just clips on my shorts. Delightful.

Running in the rain: kind of fun.

Run/walk, able to run over a mile, without too much struggle, and walked then ran some more. Trying to work up to 2 miles this week. Runner’s World says you should be able to do 8 before training for a ½ marathon. Dude. I have 3 weeks until the 10 week mark, and the plan is 10 weeks. Can I get up to 8 miles in 3 weeks? Something tells me NO, but I also don’t want to compete, I just want to survive. So perhaps the plan for that plan is different.
I emailed Kevin about my knee pain (kind of dull achey since last week) and he said what I was afraid of: weight training will help me recover and prevent injury. DANG! Why am I so self-conscious about working out in public? I went to the weight room with Jennie ONCE freshman year, and it was enough to keep me away forever (that, and the no A/C and the nasty equipment and the intimidating soffe-clad, tan girls.)

Side note: writing related, just had a thought that improv rules kind of help strengthen writing. Jeff will shout out things like “follow that. Play the game. Where else can you go?” or “like what? Give some examples” and it’s about specific details. Emotional reactions. Not rushing, letting it happen.

Realize when it comes to running I still have so much to learn (like cooking, like improv, like computers…) Turns out you are supposed to really break in new running shoes and walk in them for a couple of days. WHY DON’T THEY TELL PEOPLE THAT??? Why isn’t there some kind of label on the box:

“if you are buying these to look cute, then put them on your feet. Tie.”
“If you are buying these because you are serious about running, walk around in them for a couple of days first. Then put them on your feet. Tie. Run.”

Am I supposed to just know this stuff? It’s so much. But I’m a smart girl. And I can learn. And while I’m no longer in school, a little bit of a mental and physical challenge is just what my mind needs. So I don’t keep feeling “old” and worried I was smarter in high school. (I was not smarter in high school.)

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