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what is this feeling? so exciting and new…

7 September 2007

Friday September 7
8:42 a.m.

What is this feeling? So exciting and new…
I’m turning my pain into show tunes.

I woke up this morning tired and sore. Tired and sore! My abs, thighs, and butt actually hurt because yesterday morning I actually did strength exercises with actual weights and this led to actual pain. Still at home, mind you, but it’s something.

And I’m SO tired and sore that I almost didn’t feel like writing about it! But writing, like working out, sometimes must be done when you are too weary.

Just had an unpleasant feeling: when this does finally become a blog (Blogger is pissing me off with the profile picture and unease of publishing, maybe I just need to change formats…) I’m worried it’s going to become boring. But don’t worry about that.
Just do it.

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