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nothing better than a JT sandwich

9 September 2007

Sunday September 9
Run/walk, leg work out
iMix: I’ve figured it out! ☺
My Love—JT
Hey Ya—Outkast
Summer Love—JT sandwich
Fantasy—Mariah Carey. Ah, takes me back. Silly little 5th grade me.
Zac and Sara—Ben Folds
Burn Rubber on me—joke idea, running to songs w/ car sound effects = scary
All of your love—hellogoodbye
Don’t you want me—Human League

The church of me: CBS Sunday Morning with some green tea and raisin bran crunch, followed by a run on a lovely fall day. It’s more sweaty than spiritual, but who’s to say that intellectual and physical pursuits aren’t a valid way to connect to the spiritual?

Observations: I wish I could time travel back to 17 year old me (or for that matter, every year leading up to this one in some respect) and tell her “just hang on! It’ll be okay. And enjoy being skinny with little effort. That changes too.”

I mean really. The nights I was bummed to be home with mom and dad on a Friday night, watching Nash Bridges…I should’ve been more grateful. They don’t make a comedy/drama cop show like that anymore.

That’s kinda how I’m approaching life right now: shock and awe. Careful gratitude, in hopes that my luck doesn’t change. Running up summit street today, just thinking how life is really pretty good right now. I feel happy, I’m making new friends, I had a weekend full of social engagements, my Skinny Improv life is finally taking off, after 3 years of working and waiting. I have money to spend, and a beautiful place to live, and creative opportunities galore, and I’m happy and satisfied without Ex-Boyfriend in my life for the first time since we started our ill-fated love affair…yes, long about age 17.

Listening to Mariah Carey while running takes me back to 5th grade in ways I can’t even figure out. Thinking of me that young, feeling such intense feelings that I’m still trying to figure out for myself now 10 years later. And the boys I was going after then…where are they now? They with their bowl cuts and No Fear shirts and too-cool for me then, me with my flannel shirts and my stringy hair and my love of classic literature and James Taylor.

No, I was not appealing to the average 5th grader. I can see that now.
Funny how that song can still make me smile, and feel a little giddy bounce in my step.

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