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wow machine/beast. where’d you come from?

10 September 2007

Monday September 10
You can cover a lot of ground in 40 minutes.
I want a lover who won’t drive me crazy—John Mellencamp
Chelsea Rogers—oh Prince. “Still got an ass like a leather seat.”
Steady as she goes—oh Raconteurs. “found yourself a kink in the single life”
My Love
Summer Love—JT double header
Fantasy—perhaps I put it on repeat. So what.
Zac and Sara—oh, Ben Folds, your fingers on that piano do something to me
All of your love—hellogoodbye
Rebellion—arcade fire

Did make myself think, heading north on Clay, it’s entirely possible to keep going even when I think I can’t. I can make my body do whatever I tell it to. Literally, until I CAN’T anymore. Because pain doesn’t mean I have to stop. It just means it hurts a little.
Wow, machine/beast. Where’d you come from?

Realized, once I removed my earbud, that when I think I’m hard-whispering expletives when I get worn out, I’m probably shouting it for all to hear over my rockin’ tunes. Must be ware of that, so I don’t become known for my running Tourette’s.

Man I feel good. Hoping that if I’m ready for a 6k by October sunshine run, I’ll know for sure that I’ll be able to double that by December. Run, Sarah, run. Seriously though, it’s kind of nice to spontaneously smile throughout the day, including in a run. What a difference 2 months make. I halfway can tolerate myself in shorts. This is huge.

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