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officially addicted to exercise

11 September 2007

September 11

And I’m officially addicted to exercise! It’s 2:30 p.m. and I need to get back to work, and have plans tonight from 8:00 on, but can’t quit thinking about how much I want to run later.

And how much I love Timbaland even though I disapprove of his grammar choices. I ain’t got a motor boat but I can float cha boat…

Ran at 7:10, even though I had somewhere to be at 8:00. =crazy. Could only make it through one mile of running (but oh how far I’ve come!) but seriously, was feeling actually aching pain in my joints and realized, I need to take a break. Breaks are just as important as the work when you’re trying to build yourself up. (yet another parallel between running and creativity. They’re everywhere!)

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