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I…have made dinner!!

14 September 2007

Friday, September 14
Ran a little, mostly walked. Kinda chily morning, and my knee HURT. It aches down into my calf muscle. Need to do strength more consistently.

During the run I noticed that if you pay attention, it’s fun to observe people’s houses. The things they collect. One porch has many potted plants, which leads me to wonder if they had a death in the family. Another is cluttered with stacks of yellowed newspapers and cardboard boxes, piles that only grow with each run. This house also has a collection of wind chimes hanging above, various collectibles-store ceramic ones, and one confederate flag chime that swirls in the wind. Huh.
All these descriptions seem hollow. What’s the deal, me?

I cooked a for real chicken/pasta/brocolli dinner experience from Kraft Food & Family. Afterwards was so proud I was saying, “I…have made dinner!” in manner of Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

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