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strange day

15 September 2007

Saturday September 15
11:45-12:30 p.m. Nice. Not consecutive running, but a surprising amount of “I’m worn out but I’ll try again anyway and find the second, then third, wind” running.
Livin Thing—ELO
Can you feel the love tonight—Lion King
Rebellion—Arcade Fire
Somebody to Love—Queen
El Scorcho—Weezer
Fat Bottomed Girls—Queen, but couldn’t quite get into it ☺
Soul Meets Body—Death Cab
All of your love—hellogoodbye
My Love—JT
The Way I Are—Timbaland. Oh how you are the soundtrack to my life.

So just a strange start to the run today. And a sign that I can run even when I feel funky. I for real need to do laundry, so I’m left running in my knee length sweatshorts, and a long sleeve T (recommended by my expert for colder days) and my hair looks gross and I haven’t shaved my legs in recent memory and it’s just kind of a cold, not-cloudy-but-not-sunny day, so I feel funky.

And I time leaving my apartment just at the right time to run into a professor headed toward his house, about 15 feet away. I hope I didn’t look as deer-in-the-headlights as I felt, on the day I hope I don’t see anyone…and I’m hauling my trash to the dumpster. Grateful for my earbuds as an excuse to just say “hi” and keep walking, I book it to the dumpster at an alarming speed then veer sharply west to get to my Benton destination. =dweeb. I’m half self conscious that he can also hear Usher “HEY” as if it is the soundtrack of the day and not just playing on my ipod shuffle. I’d feel even more embarrassed if my former English Professor knew I was listening to outdated hip hop.

Then I walk longer than I’d need to down Benton, just not quite feeling ready to run. Like those nightmares where my body forgets how to run, and I’m stuck fast-strolling away from danger. But I finally make myself get going, to some Disney tunes, when I see a gold grand am (I often wonder if I’ll run into Jen) and the person inside starts waving. WHY GOD WHY! And there’s a gorgeous friend in her passenger seat, taking some post-wedding photos “for fun”. We are the 2 ends of the dressed-up spectrum.

So I run off with “can you feel the love tonight” singing to me, feeling odd about the day, my encounters, my athleticism. And I’m not able to run super far, I make it past Jordan Valley then stop, then run some more up Sherman, then get a good 2nd wind up Central and Jefferson. Strange, and a good lesson, that once I pass a certain point where I THINK I can’t go on, I can actually go on pretty well indeed.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    9 October 2007 5:02 pm

    There is a difference between outdated bad hip hop (Usher) and outdated good hip hop (ODB, NWA, Tribe Called Quest, etc…); maybe Fuller would of even liked a little Biggy?

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