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frick! my calves hurt!

18 September 2007

Tuesday September 18
7:05-7:30 ish
FRICK my calves hurt!

I am too busy to run this week, but I run anyway. This is a good sign.
Swallowed first mid-run bug today. Excellent.
Passed scary Tom Waits-looking fellow on central. Smiled, but he didn’t smile back.

Running was part of my weeknight shopping spree last night, Beginners Guide to Long Distance Running (per Jennie’s recommendation) at Borders. And a $9.99 timex run watch. It’s black and pink. Next on the agenda: bitchin’ shorts.

I plan to bring back the word bitchin’.

OH more running as metaphor for dating life: if you start out too fast, you end up screwing up the whole experience. I always do that (ha. with running that is). I start out at a long-stride near-sprint, and wear myself out. If I’ll start at a slower-than-seems-necessary pace, I’ll sustain that for the long run. Done and done.

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