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growth and recovery

20 September 2007

Thurs Sept 20
7:45-8:10 Ran 10, walk 4, ran 5, walk…6. Math is power.

Today’s iMix:
Can you feel the love tonight
Gotta get thru this
Eye of the tiger
My love
Zac and Sara
Baby boy
Soul meets body

My long sleeve T has sweat all down the back. That’s probably the sexiest thing in the world.

I just had to throw away my plant that I won at staff meeting last week. It smelled like dead plant. And I did all the right things. Watered, gave light, and it was doing just fine until Tuesday when it wasn’t. Just wilted like someone had let the air out of it. Sad. I liked my little baby daisies. ☹

But on to the run! Like having the new run watch. It’s light weight. It, yes superficial but whatever works, makes me feel more athletic. It’s pink. ☺ But knowing exactly how long you’ve run has its drawbacks, too. Then I KNOW it’s only been 8 ½ minutes at a mile (wow. And I thought I was going a slow pace. Apparently I can go 1.5 minutes slower. Need to work on that.) and my goal was to run 30 minutes w/o stopping today, balls out. Didn’t quite get there…
Blame strength training yesterday?
Blame that I was up at 7:30 but not asleep before 3:00?
Blame Xmas morning jitters feeling re: Skinny mainstage and sidekick news last night?

Whatever’s to blame, my legs HURT. And I don’t just mean “I’m a girl and I don’t work out much so my legs are kinda sore.” NO. They F*CKING HURT. Like I can’t even walk like a normal human being. Like I feel like one leg is somehow longer than the other and I’ve developed this tight-hipped limp. (I know it’s not true, but sore-me has an active imagination.)

@ convo with Kevin (hail alma mater)
Me: Another running question.
He: [twiddles fingers in anticipation]
Me: my calves hurt. And I mean HURT. I almost couldn’t walk today.
He: probably just growth and recovery. Growth and recovery.
Me: yeah, but I felt like I had a disability.

Growth and Recovery. Not a bad mantra for life in general.

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