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it hu-u-urts

26 September 2007

Wed, September 26
8:49 a.m.-9:15

Holy SHIZ! My legs hurt SO BAD. They hurt like tooth pain, only tooth pain that is shooting up both my longest appendages. SHIT! I can’t sit, I can’t stand, I can’t walk. Is this supposed to be fun? Maybe I shouldn’t try to run twice in a 24-hour span, but Kevin works out 3 times a day. If I’m going to be in Race-Shape in a mere 65 days (holy shit!) Then I need to get moving. But it hu-u-urts…

If this is what other regions would feel like during childbirth, I am NEVER having babies. I feel like I’m making similar noises of pain and anguish.
Oh GOD it hurts so bad. Advil. I need Advil.

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  1. anonymous permalink
    9 October 2007 5:07 pm

    Do you stretch man? Like a good post run stretch? It helps, seriously.

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