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what running smells like

27 September 2007

Fri 09/27
8:55-9:20, ran 15, walk the rest
My Love
Nice and Easy—Frank Sinatra (good for starting a run)
I’ve Got You Under My Skin (oh Frank, you never get old)
Someone To Love
Hide and Seek
Doorbell—White Stripes. Kind of sounds like tap dancing in the background.
The Way I are
The best is yet to come–again Frank

God! It still hurts! Feel like Michael Scott trying to finish that Rabies 5k last night. “I may puke my guts out, but I will never puke my heart out.”

Observations: Frank Sinatra was a master of subtlety. “The Best Is Yet to Come” is really sexier than I ever gave it credit for in high school, and he got away with that in the 60s.

I had a nice moment when I temporarily forgot I was running. I was thinking about the day ahead (trip to target, ending in another Skinny show. Damn. Jeff’s got me where he wants me now, and I can’t say no…) and I really for a few seconds wasn’t thinking about my iPod or breathing or leg pain or any of that.
It kind of felt like flying.

Running near Cox North, saw a person on the bus stop bench, and was preparing myself for what is always an awkward eye-contact-plus-hello with any passersby on the street. But as I got close enough, and prepared to glance over and pant “hi” in my runner’s voice, I notice she appears to be a different kind of high already. Slumping toward the street, eyes barely open, looking like a possessed person in a horror movie. Eek.

Today was a very olfactory run. Near the frat houses it went from smelling like shit to smelling like grape hard candy. And then central street smelled like Silver Dollar City fried food for a span.

I need to drink more water. Kzim promised it would help with soreness, and I need all the help I can get.

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