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a perfect fall Saturday

29 September 2007

Saturday, September 29
62 days to the Big Race
12:50-1:30. That’s right, 40 minutes of pure badassery.
Run 15, walk 5, run 5, walk 15. Does that math add up? I’m real rusty at math these days. That’ll be my next big project.
Desperate Guys (way to intuit, iPod. The Faint starts a workout out right)
Billy Liar (dare I say, perhaps my favorite Decemberists song)
My Doorbell
Pink Triangle (at founders’ park by this time)
Summer Love
Bella Note (Boonville, homeless people)
Somebody Told Me
Night And Day
Shake That–?
Soul meets body
Friday I’m In Love
Cable Car (workouts get longer, iMix gets longer)

So I’ve meant to write about this a few separate times now, but I always forget by the time I walk back and cool down. But often at the end of an intense run, my TEETH will hurt. Not really hurt, even, but more I am aware of the presence of the nerves in my gums. They are pulsing, the blood is rushing through them and swirling around my teeth. I can feel them throbbing. Is that what happens right before you pass out? It’s always right as I’m stopping a run, and feeling at my most worn out.

Today I was infinitely bad-ass. Well, I only ran 20 of the 40 minutes, but it’s getting easier. However, my calves still hurt.

It’s a BEAUTIFUL fall Saturday afternoon. Like, ideal. Walking back in Wallace parking lot I just closed my eyes and tilted my head toward the sun for a while, like a hero would in a feel-good studio movie after he/she has triumphed over some everyman obstacle. It’s so perfect I can’t stand it. I want to roll around in the grass.

Another thing I can’t stand: I saw at minimum 20 homeless people today, more than I ever have before on a run. I changed up my course a little and ran south to St. Louis on Benton, back north on Boonville, and at Boonville and Chestnut there was a large gathering, I always try to say hi, but at the same time can’t help but feel a little pompous no matter how nice I try to be. In my bright orange college Tshirt, with my iPod shuffle in my ears, my new running shoes. My job and my apartment and my relatively normal life.

Some are on bikes, one was on oxygen, others are no doubt on something else. Some carry many possessions and don’t look up. Others look me straight in the eye—and this is either comforting or chilling. But either way it reminds me they are PEOPLE.

I just don’t feel right about it, Springfield. I feel like there’s something we should be doing for these people –I should be doing. Besides just running on by, and doing whatever I do with a perfect fall Saturday.

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