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mmm…BBQ sauce…

1 October 2007

Monday October 1
8:00-8:30 Ran with 2 tiny walking spurts for 27 minutes. Sunshine Run here I come!
Baby Boy
Buick City Complex—Old 97s (maybe I listened to it twice)
My Love
Rhode Island is Famous For You—Kristi Meredith
All these things I’ve done—Killers
Nice and Easy
Too Good Is True—Rascal Flatts
When the lights go out—blacksnake moan
A whole new world—Aladdin. what?!
I don’t feel like dancin’—Scissor Sisters

So today was another olfactory run…the fresh cut grass on Summit kind of smelled like what I have to describe as frat boy. I know, I’m not even familiar enough to have that kind of recognition, but I swear it did. Maybe in general frat boy smells like a mix of fresh cut grass and cigarette smoke…Then Boonville smelled like coffee. By the city archives, and I mean GOOD coffee. Further down it smelled like it must be a homeless bathroom stop. But the coffee part was good. Then north on Benton, across the bridge by the big trees, smelled JUST LIKE barbeque sauce. Mmmm…barbeque sauce…

Infinite badassery, folks. 61 days until the Big Race. 2 months exactly from this day. As I tied my shoes this morning I thought to myself “it’s going to have to hurt for you to get better by then.” And this morning hurt a little. I pushed hard.

Reminded of the Lewis Carroll quote: “Now, you see, it takes all the running you can do just to stand in one place. If you want to get somewhere else, you have to run twice as fast as that.” It inspired me during high school math, and it inspires me now… 2 months to turn 30 minutes into 13 miles. Damn, girl. Goal: By November 1 I’m running for an hour. That’s right, 60 minutes. An episode of This American Life. Let’s do this.

Today at work Kevin helps me make an October plan to get to one hour by November 1. I remind him the half marathon is Dec 1 and again get the wide eyes of shock…He also explains that the strange tooth feeling is a good symptom of running, and will pass.

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  1. jennie permalink
    13 October 2007 1:53 am

    picture it. december 1st… as you run mile #13 through downtown memphis, you will smell REAL barbeque sauce. and when you’re done we can go eat that REAL barbeque sauce. on a REAL pulled pork sandwhich. mmm. can’t wait til you get here!

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