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Objects in Motion tend to stay in Motion

8 October 2007

October 8 Monday
Ran 8:10-8:50. No, that’s not a typo.

iMix got reshuffled. I think I figured it out. It’ll store your shuffle and you can skip back, up until you skip past it, and then it’s gone…It was a pretty good one, with some new additions:
I was meant for the stage–decemberists
Hook—blues traveler
Buy you a drank—T Payne
Trains to brazil–Guillemots
And kept me going through all FORTY MINUTES OF RUNNING!

I don’t know if I’ve EVER run that much in my life! It’s huge! It’s great to feel like you can conquer anything, before it’s even 9:00 in the morning.

unpleasant side effect: feel a blister forming on inner right ball of foot. Ruh-roh, cute shoes, are you worn out already?!

When I finally finished running—after, did I mention, 40 minutes? Take THAT July-me, with your can’t-make-it-5-minutes—I felt this amazing feeling of inertia that I haven’t felt before. At least not when running. Especially in my arms but in my whole body, it was like this wave of energy was going through me, and pointing ahead. Like on-an-elevator feeling, only moving me forward instead of up or down. Magical.
Newton really knew what he was talking about.

Near Benton and St Louis started to cross the street when I had a little “walk” icon, and this big white car starts to turn left across the intersection toward me. At first I think it’s a cop so I get out of the way, but turns out it’s a middle aged woman with Lucille Bluth hair in sassy Talbots separates (I assume) who just stops and starts shaking her head at me. AFTER I’d waved her on! I mean I get it, pay attention. But I DO. And last time I checked her sign says “left turn yield on green”, and pedestrians have the right of way. But whatever she has clearly been driving longer than I have [been alive] so she should know. Bitch.
This just really struck a nerve. I had like 5 mintues left, and didn’t need Mommy Gooddriver giving me a guilt trip.
I’m sure she reacted to me the same way I’d react to a 13-year-old dressed like a Bratz doll if she cut me off in traffic.
“Face it lady we’re younger and faster”
“Face it girls, I’m older and have more insurance.”
Oh man. I haven’t seen Fried Green Tomatoes in YEARS. Perhaps I should fix that.

Homeless neighbors, more to be seen today. Quite a few with interesting shopping cart contraptions. Still saying hi, still panting past them. Today one was particularly friendly, but also smelled particularly like hard alcohol. At 8:30 in the morning. Damn.

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  1. Amanda permalink
    13 October 2007 9:56 pm

    She STOPPED in the middle of her turn to shake her head at you? Don’t worry, you are not alone in your reaction – that is the kind of thing that would piss me off allllll day.

    BTW, I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

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