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Rin 10/10

10 October 2007

Wed 10.10
OH! Rin tin tin! ☺ I love this day! Nerdy confession: in high school when taking notes on this day, I would always write “rin” before the date, thinking myself super clever. I didn’t really do this for anyone’s benefit but my own…I play these nerdy games with myself more often than I’d like to admit. Wow.

Goal: think of something while running…focus on me having a successful show Friday. What it feels like to just BE and just BE FUNNY and let go and trust and be comfortable and think from the clearest part of my head.

Huh. Pre-run goals. I like it.
Plus it’s 51 degrees outside. And 51 days til the big race. Jesus loves me.

At approximately 9:15 I was accosted by scary man. That happened.
Walking back north on Benton, and see someone in an old tan Lincoln wave at me, but I figure maybe it’s a mistake because I don’t know anyone who drives one. Then he doubles back by the alumni center, and pulls in in front of me and starts to roll down his window. He’s a youngish African American man with gold-rimmed aviators on, and I’ve never seen him before. Remembering all those Oprah self-defense episodes I’ve seen, I walk around to the passenger side of the car, so that I’m not be too close, and say, “can I help you with something?” And he’s like, “how you doin…” No, really. Then says something like, “boy meets girl…” AND on that note I say, “sorry I need to go” and I keep on walking (fast) toward the residence halls.
Whoever this guy ways, he was obviously ballsy enough to stop me in daylight and try to pick me up. Damn. I mean, does that work for girls, creepy guy? Really?

Other than that, I felt sore and a little off rhythm, and not really able to focus. So my pre-run goal didn’t quite pan out, except I imagined how being on stage and in a good rhythm feels like flirting. Which it does, though I can’t decide which side of that implication is worse: that I’m constantly flirting onstage or that when I’m flirting in real life I’m just acting. Neither are 100% true…

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