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keep running. It gets better.

12 October 2007

Friday October 12
8:10-8:20 run, 6 min walk, 5 min run, 6 min run. Take it easy…Sunshine Run tomorrow…
50 days til the big race! Adding like 1 minute per day. Possible?

Summer Love–JT
I’m every Woman—in the midst of the foot pain. I am a machine.
Buy you a Drank—T Payne
all of your love—hellogoodbye
Hang Me Up to Dry—Coldwar Kids. I’m not really cool enough to like them, am I?
Real Love—Mary J Blige, y’all
Somebody Told Me–Killers
Cable Car—The Fray

Lesson learned, again: when you think you CAN’T you should at least try…

My right foot has HURT the last 2 days. I’ve been all Advil. I think my 40-minute run strained it, then Wednesday I ran in the a.m., then it was sore all day, then I still went to Salsa lessons. And then it HURT. Hm. So yesterday I took a break, took Advil, and tried not to hypochondriac myself into hysterics.
The nurse mentions planar fasciitis when I go in to ask about it. Damn. She gives me a lot of free generic ibuprofen and says I should stretch my foot on a tennis ball.
Kevin says “don’t take this the wrong way, but your training is probably not heavy enough to injure you like that.” This time I’ll take the critique. I’m still an N.A. (non-athlete), therefore I can’t get athlete injuries…? I hope so.

Well this morning I woke up and could barely even walk on it. I feel a stretchy sensation when I bend my foot, and walking on it feels like someone’s stabbing a nerve with a toothpick every time I step. So I step lightly, trying to stretch it out, and I’m thinking I’m not going to be able to run on it today. And then I’m not going to be able to run on it tomorrow, or ever again, and I get all worried that maybe my whole project and goals are for naught, and maybe tonight’s Skinny show will end with me writhing on the floor, with a stiff foot in the air, screaming, “oh god! I can’t go on!”
Active imagination.
So I say what the hey, I’ll try running just to see how bad it hurts. And wouldn’t you know, it hurts LESS than walking. Again, Jesus loves me.

Toward the end of my run I’m walking back down Washington, and I pause and take a deep breath of the fall air. My favorite kind of morning. I start walking slower, and watch the sunlight through the leaves of the beautiful, tall trees. I feel like I’m living an episode of a CW melodrama, with an acoustic version of Cable Car by The Fray playing in my iPod. Scenes from next week’s episode should start rolling any minute.

I feel contentment about my life in a way I can’t quite put into words. Like I can experience memories from the distant and recent past at the same time, and my life blends into a general feeling, like I’m looking at clear slides of it all stacked up together. Sure it’s a bit of a jumbled mess, but the general picture is one I’m pretty happy with right now.

Sure sometimes you get stabbed in the foot nerves with a toothpick. But keep running. It gets better.

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