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Sunshine Run!

13 October 2007

Saturday October 13
Signed, Sealed, Delivered—Stevie Wonder
Billy Liar—Decemberists
Only The Good Die Young—Billy Joel
The Underdog—Spoon
Livin’ on a Prayer—Bon Jovi. (that’s right, when I’m halfway there…)
All of Your Love—hellogoodbye
The Clock—Thom Yorke
The Last Time—Gnarls Barkley

29:27 according to my watch. 30:30 according to the official time, which must not stagger-start….

In the parking lot on the way in I saw 3 pals trying to do an arm’s length photo, and I asked if I could snap it for them…“Say, Running Friends!” They seemed grateful. A little pre-race good karma couldn’t hurt…

Mom and Dad came up to watch me, and they are cute with their enthusiastic support and denim jackets, but it also wouldn’t be any event with my parents without a little awkward tension—this time thanks to my digital camera. Bless their hearts, they figured out the video function, but I thought they were taking STILLS as I made my way round the finish area. So the video of me walking in is poses followed by furrowed-brow eye rolls, because I can’t figure out why they are taking so long to snap the picture. Ha.

I got there around 7:10 for the 7:30 race. As Grandpa Fred would say, I’ll be late to my own funeral…but I had sufficient time to see Kevin, drop our stuff off with mom and dad, warm up, and take a last nervous bathroom break.

I’m a little disappointed in my time. 2 years pass and after 2 months of training I can only beat my Sunshine Run 2005 time by 28 seconds. But I guess that’s good, at least I improved with age, and I’m pretty sure I could’ve gone faster if I’d started farther up in the pack. The first good ½ mile was spent slow-pacing in the crowd of bobbing heads.

There is something energizing about being a part of a crowd. One of 2000 people out moving for the same cause. I even had a faint wish, as I worked my way solo through the masses, that I had running buddies, too—though the thought of trying to keep pace with someone else stresses me out.

The prepared iMix was a good one. I hit OH! We’re halfway there! literally as I was halfway there, as I turned the corner after the water station. It was like I was running through some bizarro war zone, with Bon Jovi as my soundtrack. A war zone where the battle had been fought with waxed blue Powerade cups, which were smashed and strewn all over, in pools of spilled water. Take my hand! We’ll make it I swear!

It was also about this time in the run that I was passed by a dude with a stroller. A fit dude with a stroller but still, ouch.

Good note: I was keeping pace behind this one girl for 90% of the race. I focused on her because she was unique in a navy blue shirt, when most of us were sporting the free Sunshine Run white long sleeve T. She was just ahead of me, up until I passed her in the last 1/3 mile, and stayed ahead!

Apparently I passed other people in the last stretch in the stadium, but didn’t even know it.

Kevin, excitedly from the stands: You took 2 people!
Me: You did?!
He: No, YOU did!

I didn’t even notice. I was just focusing on not dying before I could give Louie bird a high five across the finish line.

So. 9.5 minute miles. Now the question is can I keep this pace for another hour-and-a-half, in another month-and-a-half? It may be a silly goal, but I’m sticking to it. Kevin won his age bracket in the 5k, and very nearly won the whole thing. (And oh yeah, just for fun, ran the 10k, too. I jotted down notes and ate a banana during the second race. I’m okay with that.) Now it would be silly for me to imagine that I could win my age bracket in a race, for now anyway. But I don’t think it’s silly to imagine that I can at least DO it. Can at least survive it.

So from this point on I am no longer going to call my goals silly goals. I am no longer going to say I’m pretending to be a runner. I am a runner.

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  1. 17 October 2007 10:19 pm

    ah, yes… the sunshine run. did you see weber? he and his wife walked the 5k…

    remember when i didn’t train for it, then ran 6 miles at midnight the night before, then ran with weber (10k), aka he dragged me, and i couldn’t walk the next 2 days. and yes i am probably bragging, but thats because i can’t do that anymore, and i am holding on to that moment….ha.

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