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I’ll have what she’s having…

14 October 2007

Sunday, October 14
11:25 a.m.
Faded—Soul Decision
I’m Every Woman—Chaka Kahn
I Will Buy you a New Life—Everclear
Livin’ Thing—ELO
Crazy—Gnarles Barkley
Volcano—Damien Rice
The Way I Are—Timbaland
(based on my iPod shuffle, someone might assume I have really bizarro music taste. Someone would be right.)

Oh God. OH GOD. Oh God…just walking up the short stairs of my stoop made me get all Sally-in-that-diner-scene, but not in a good way.

My calves are screaming for mercy.

So I ran 5 minutes and then walked for 15…since I think there is a difference between “pushing myself” and “shoving myself down and stealing my lunch money”.

Maybe it was a bad idea to try some new tricks with the exercise ball before running this morning…by the way, I’m not sure if there’s any better physical comedy than new tricks on the exercise ball. Hilarious.

This is how bizarrely my imagination works sometimes: I wonder, if my life was lived 24 style, and spies or something imbedded cameras in my apartment, just how unbelievably dorky 95% of the footage would be. (In the other 5% of the footage I’m napping.) Seriously I think the entire show would consist of Kiefer Sutherland looking at me in a skeptically judging way.

Yeah but that probably won’t happen.

Oooooh my legs hurt…I think Advil should start sponsoring my blog.

Hear that Advil people? I keep getting iPod spam comments because I mention that in my blog, so why not pain relievers? I could use some extra cash…couldn’t hurt to try…

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