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50 (that’s five-zero) minutes.

15 October 2007

Monday, October 15
the only drawback to being so studly is it doesn’t leave me much time to stretch, write, eat breakfast, and shower before 10:00 meeting…
8:09-8:59. Again, not a typo.
Last 75% of This American Life episode: “How to talk to kids”
Signed Sealed Delivered—Stevie
Underdog—Spoon (my hipster theme song)
The Last Time—Gnarles Barkley (as I’m ending run. Fierce.)
Rebellion—Arcade Fire (it’s at this point I’m falling in love with me).

I’m so into me right now. I want to buy me diamonds, a dozen roses, and a round of drinks. I just can’t stop smiling. I almost cried I was so happy. I’m just sa’proud. And it’s nice to feel that way about someone. Even nicer to feel it about myself. Me and me last year didn’t get along so well.

Seriously. I didn’t even let myself look at my watch for the first few minutes, knowing I would psych myself out. I looked down at 20 minutes exactly, kind of like, “oh crap, I still have a Sunshine Run to go…can I do that?!” but somehow I just kept going. I took myself down old routes and new ones (up Campbell. That was new.) And it just got to the point that I knew I COULD NOT stop. It wasn’t an option. I was tired. My legs were getting sore, my feet were weary, but there just wasn’t an option of walking until I did my 50 minutes.
And I have cute-shoe blisters from Friday.
And my right foot still hurts.
And I was so sore yesterday I couldn’t make it past 5 minutes.
And yet here I am. Doing things I never thought myself capable of 3 months ago.

Man, not a bad way to start Monday…

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