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the frankenstein stiffness has got to stop

19 October 2007

Friday October 19
I love fall break
I don’t even know. I could barely run again today. More running/walking/running. But it was a beautiful day, and I stopped by Convey to talk to Jen and Sesha after seeing them drive by.

This was the week of best-run-ever, followed by worst-attempts-ever. I just need to pop the pain relievers a good half hour before running now. This broken-robot, Frankenstein stiffness has got to stop.

It was super windy today, and as I walked back around Wallace, in the too-good-to-be-true sunlight, I shut my eyes and flung my arms wide, imagining that this is what skydiving will feel like, only 100 times better.

Thinking today how I haven’t really kept up my academic side of this blog bargain. Sure I have been learning A LOT, but more through experience and asking questions. Not really researching or reading as much as I’d hoped. True, I still have over a month until the big race (42 days, 22 hours, 13 minutes according to my countdown widget. I love Macs), so that’s still enough time to read some articles, crack open some text books, and educate myself.

I have this ultimate fantasy of turning it all into a book, weaving in running and writing and relationships and all the research and the anecdotes and all that…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, writing a book. That is my ultimate fantasy. I didn’t earn the name Sarah “Wildcat” Jenkins in high school for nothin’.*

So as not-thrilling as the run might have been, I did take myself down a new route through Jordan Valley, under the bridge, past the scrap metal storage place. Nice scenery. Nice memories of the field trip through the tunnels a few weeks ago. Nice imagining I knew how to weld and make funky sculpture from all the tons of scrap metal.
But right now I don’t need another hobby.

*I didn’t earn the name Sarah “Wildcat” Jenkins in high school.

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  1. 8 November 2007 4:30 pm

    hey man whats up? this commment dones not need to be posted, but i wanted you to check it. why you not blog no more?

    crap jenkins. follow thru!

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