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22 October 2007
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Monday October 22
40 days til the big race
today’s iMix:
Time—Thom Yorke (downloaded new digital radiohead album last night. Feel cooler than I am.)
Hang me up to dry—cold war kids
Time—Chicago (a theme developing??)
Somebody told me—killers (excited about their new CD!)
Rebellion—arcade fire
All these things I’ve done—killers (my imix is like some sort of poem rhyme sceme…aba, cdc…)
It’s gonna be me—NSync
Underdog—Spoon. (In a nerdy way, this kept me going when I was tired)
Volcano—Damien Rice (nice for running in the rain. Better for napping in the rain. Mmm…napping…)
Banquet—Bloc party
I’ve got you under my skin–Frank Sinatra

Could barely run 30 minutes…not sexy
Getting caught in the first drizzling rain of fall…not sexy
(Though the front of my shirt being soaked might be, a little)
Had to make up a mantra to keep myself motivated. Not necessarily from soreness or shortness of breath, it’s just been a week since my last long run, and I’m a little rusty. But I made it almost 30 minutes, then ran more in the rain. Getting back home in freezing cold rain is a good motivator for getting over tiredness.
It started out “I am healthy and badass” then became “I am healthy and beautiful and badass.” I kept repeating it to myself (no doubt the result of reading Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert’s in India now) and it really did help clear my mind of any other thoughts, the “I can’t go on” and the “I’m not going to make it.” So…we’ll try a mantra from now on. Helps pass the time.

Today’s run sensual again. As in, “full of senses”, not “hey hey hey”. Smelled krispy kreme, corn dogs, and bbq sauce at various stages. Mmmm….delicious.

Ran underneath first falling leaf of fall. Got really excited as the little orange guy fell in front of me. Not excited about the 50 degree weather after the 80s of the Indian summer weekend (where does “Indian summer” come from anyway? The term is probably racist, no doubt. Now I feel bad…), not excited about the shorter daylight hours, either. But I am excited about leaves and purples/oranges/reds/yellows and sweaters and crispness in the air.

I know that spring is supposed to be the season where everything feels new and full of potential, but fall feels that way to me.

Oh my gosh, I just touched my legs and they’re FREEZING!
Ok that’s it. I need to buy some cold weather running clothes, and that’s final. Underarmor here I come!!!

PS–Facebook messaged an old friend who’s a runner re: race, and he writes back “the last time I did a half marathon was 2005 and I couldn’t walk for a week.”

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