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I want to be a dancer.

24 October 2007
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Last night saw MOMIX with Amanda and her family. Took me out for sushi before. I love that family.

Watching every dance performance I was 100% mesmerized. Want to be a dancer. Kept thinking I would give up cookies and Mountain Dew RIGHT NOW if my body could move like that (and there are few things I would give up cookies and Mountain Dew for, people). So effortless, yet so controlled. Not one of them shaky with fatigue at any point. Even when the guys held a V-pose (torso and legs extended in the air, while seated…ok dancing is hard to do and hard to describe) for at least a minute. Insanity.

Oh and I want to marry a dancer, too. That too.

Seriously, it was all so BEAUTIFUL. It left me with such a contented feeling. Like all good art can do—leave you feeling that life is going to be okay, because there are people who are capable of creating such beauty in the world. And it gives you hope that maybe you’re capable of doing something that great someday.

One fascinating number: the 3 girls did a dance of slow, methodical movements to a Peter Gabriel song (yeah. really.), all the while squatting over a giant balloon (or holding giant balloon in mouth, or dancing around with giant balloon in hands) and at the very end they release it and it floats into the fly system. Helium! The whole time!! Magical!!!
I’m like a little kid watching Disney for the first time.

My heart is full from sushi and beautiful art. Good good day.

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