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26 October 2007

10.26 Friday
Oye. Don’t really feeling like running today. Am dreading the low temperatures and long to-do list. Am making conscious decision NOT to take painkillers, knowing the pain from Wednesday’s run might kill me. Am starting with a modest goal: 30 minutes ish, working on speedwork. Challenging myself.

…Well then it was pouring cold rain. So I decided I’ll work out for 30 mintues at home. We’ll see whether that was a good decision. I discovered I can actually almost do a back-bend. me=stud.

Switched on The Price is Right with my cereal, first time post-Bob, and am sad for a couple of reasons. First, Drew Carey is not Bob Barker. He’s funny and friendly enough, but there’s just something missing. That grandfatherly charm is nowhere in sight. It’s like he’s reading cue cards when describing the games. With Bob, it was like he was telling you how to find secret treasure that only he knew how to find.

And insult to injury, there are 2 guys in contestant’s row, and they are both named ExBoyfriend. WTF, God. Seriously.

(I find this last statement funny for two reasons. 1) I still won’t call ExBoyfriend by name, as if that is somehow healthier in the whole getting-over-that process. 2) I just said “WTF” to God.)
(Well, if he’s reading my blog, I hope he understands.)
(Both God and ExBoyfriend.)

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