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60 Minutes

29 October 2007

Monday 10/29

An hour. Really? How do I even mentally prepare for that? Not sure.
33 days until the big race. That’s not just too many days.
39 degrees. Hard core.
Oh but I just want to go back to bed so badly…

One solid hour. SOLID.
today’s iMix:
This American Life “In Dog We Trust”
1234—Feist, not Coolio
Nice and Easy—Frank Sinatra, sly devil
Somebody Told Me—Killers
Block Party—(My legs are at a rave and they are freaking out)
Crazy—Gnarls Barkley
Desperate Guys—The Faint
Hang me up to dry—Coldwar Kids
Too good is true—Rascal Flatts (heard this as I was walking, an HOUR ago)

Woah, my stomach is like “dude, what did you DO! We want cereal!”
I can’t believe I just did that.
The fall leaves are beautiful!
I love the feeling of doing something I’ve never done before. I have NEVER run an hour until today, but now I did it. And now I’m ready for the next challenge. Man, I can’t believe I never got that about exercise before. It’s not all about competition, or at least not with other people. There is something about performing physical feats that you’ve never done before…

Working on a sweet blister on my right foot. Discovered this with about 25 minutes remaining. Tightened shoe, tightened jaw, and decided to experience pain in manner of zen monk. (Did adjust foot positioning in favor of non-pain, however.)

At Campbell and Central there’s an old abandoned bldg for sale, like an old gas station, and I started thinking what kind of business I would open there (with a hypothetical lover. Why do I have to add a hypothetical man to my business ventures?! How very unliberated of me…).
And it got me thinking again about Random Crafts of Kindness…my imaginary nonprofit that somehow combines social networking for creative twentysomethings with helping the less fortunate in Springfield… Certainly something (else) to think about.
Meanwhile, I need a shower. And am too sexy for words.

Huh. “when I run my gums hurt” came back on my blog tracker today. So either 2 people in the blogosphere are having the same problem, or the same person liked my blog and came back!! Either way, good stuff.

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