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Confucius say what?

2 November 2007

Nov 2 Friday
Slept in way late. Why does it feel so GOOD to stay in bed?

Legs are sore from strength yesterday. Oye, it’s a strange sensation to run after a 3 day break, after an atypical amount of strength training. My legs are firing in a way that I can only describe as that pop you hear and feel when you’re on a roller coaster. The way the track shoots air to make you move (or whatever, I’m not a roller coaster expert after all). That’s what my muscles are doing in little spurts. Firing off energy. Or something.

Amazing what a beautiful fall day—clear sky, crisp air, crunchy leaves—will do for my disposition. Was a little bummed, after sleeping in, and feeling a little mopey, but boy the second I step outside it’s like the start of a Disney movie—short of birdies signing songs to me as they drop flowers on my head. It just feels GOOD to be alive and moving.

Only ran 10 minutes, then walked about as much, not because I didn’t feel like I could today, but more like I didn’t want to take the time. I reminded myself what it feels like, and now I can do a longer run tomorrow and be okay, but today it was more important to stroll along the neighborhood sidewalks, kicking up the big leaves in my path as I went. I think that mental and emotional stillness I get from a quiet walk to nowhere in particular are just as good for my health as a heart-pounding, calorie-burning, blister-forming run. Maybe even more important as I face daylight savings, and the overwhelming desire to crawl into bed and stay there when the days are dark and the wind is cold.

My goal for November is to ask myself WHY. To not allow myself to drift through hours and days without stopping to think what my motivations are, and what are my ultimate goals. Am I living my life in a way that I’m … huh, I don’t even exactly know how to finish that…
…Doing the best that I can
…Making life better for those around me
…Being creative and fulfilled
…Forming and maintaining important relationships
Hm. I guess one has to know what one’s goals are before one can know if one can follow them. Confucius say what?!

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