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80 minutes.

7 November 2007

Nov 7
30 degrees. 23 days until the big race.
When the temperature falls below the number of days until the race, I’ll be in big trouble on both counts.
I feel as though I’ve lost some momentum. Some of the spark has gone out. But I have to keep going. The thrill is still there, I just have to chase it.

I’m out of the brand-new-love stage of running, and now we’re getting serious. Running and I have been together long enough that we’re starting to learn each other’s flaws. I have to learn to take the bad with the good if I want to make this last long-term.

10:25 a.m.
I started running at 9:00, and I just stopped 5 minutes ago. Feel my power.
today’s iMix, super long:
Stay (wasting time)
Rebellion (lies)
Don’t Ask Me
Real Love
I get a kick out of you
Only the good die young
The Eraser
Signed Sealed Delivered
Soul Meets Body
Desperate Guys
Volcano—Damien Rice (this is the perfect song for getting my rhythm going—legs and breathing. This is where my second wind kicked in.)
Somebody to Love
Signed sealed delivered (amazing to run so long you get repeats)
All these things I’ve done (amazing how I can relive a moment of the run w/ a song. This one feels like Benton.)
Used to love u
Getting Over
Cable car
Makes Me Wonder

I have elbow armpit sweat.
My feet are tingling like they’re waking up from sleep.
My hands are stinging from sweat and possibly from wind burn.

The moment I stopped, for a split second it was like jumping out of the plane again. The momentum hit me in the back and coursed through my body. Like diving into a pool. I wanted to high-five the trees.
Amazing, 45 minutes in I could FEEL the second wind, like someone had turned on a light switch inside me, and I felt like I was just getting started on the best run of my life.
Ran west on Division for first time, thought I had gone pretty far. Getting tired already. Looked down at my watch, which told me 10 minutes had passed, and I said OUT LOUD “you’ve got to be f*ing kidding me” then felt silly.
But somehow kept going, and made it to 80 minutes.

EIGHTY minutes.


Sadly, I can’t really enjoy my triumph because I’m so pissed at ogling men.

Also went north past Division for the first time, thinking I needed to change things up a little. Won’t make that mistake again. In less than 1 minute no less than 2 men harassed me. Guy in white truck actually turned around to wave at me. Then a second little shitty red car actually drove next to me, keeping pace. I stopped and mimed to the dude (in his skeezy-man windbreaker), “can I help you with something?” Seriously.
Then later crossing back across chestnut, a random dude in a tragic old bronco honks at me. Literally effing honks at me. I was getting so ANGRY and writing an imaginary letter to the News-Leader about rude men in Springfield when I ran by a homeless dude, under 8 layers of clothing, sipping from a Hardees cup. I said “good morning” in my panting/running way, and he looked up at me, surprised. As I jogged on I heard his shuffling feet in the grass stop moving, and I’m pretty sure he was enjoying the view. This is the only one I almost didn’t mind. It’s okay, dude, soak it up.

But seriously. I’m not used to this kind of sexist attention. I have never been the girl who gets hit on. I was not a cheerleader; I never wear short skirts. I don’t know how to react without laughing to drunken advances in bars.

Why, in 2007, can I not go for a run outside without becoming a sex-object? I want to ask these men if they have daughters, wives, and how they would feel if some a-hole stared at them like they stare at me—like I accidentally forgot to put on pants before going for my run.
(I’d like to assume the answer is “no”, because they’ve never gotten close enough to an actual woman to get married, have sex, have a child.)

But the answer that’s probably true is that these are just “normal” guys, who wouldn’t on any day characterize themselves as sexually offensive.
What is this, Springfield 2007? Why is this acceptable behavior for adult men?

Why do I, a college educated woman with a good job and interesting hobbies, who is trying to keep herself healthy and minding her own business, have to be subjected to this kind of treatment by adult men?

I’d expect this sort of treatment if I was still in junior high, but gentlemen, I left that stage a long time ago. Maybe it’s about time you did the same.

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  1. 16 November 2007 8:17 am

    i was rewatching some old seinfeld episodes and he did a act on why guys do this. it makes some sense…

    its because this is all we know. its all we’ve come up with so far to get your attention. some guys have the moves, and if you don’t…. honk…

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