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“only” an hour

14 November 2007

Nov 14
16 days until The Big Race
60 minutes
It’s Gonna Be Me—N’Sync
Gone—Ben Folds
De Ja Vu—Beyonce
Too Good to Be True—Lauryn Hill
Real Love—Mary J Blige
Posed to Death—The Faint
Steady as She Goes—Raconteurs
Arc of Time—Bright Eyes
I don’t want you on my mind—Bill Withers
Hey Ya—Outkast (I think this song will always make me happy)
It’s Beginning to Get to me—Snow Patrol
In My Place–Coldplay
Barely Breathing—Duncan Sheik (so apropos at this point in the run)
Buick City Complex—Old 97s
The Trouble with Love—Kelly Clarkson
The Eraser—Thom Yorke
Getting Over—pico vs island trees

Talk about perfect timing. In my kitchen getting some water, and I hear the pinging of water on the air conditioner. Rain! Good thing I only ran for an hour today after all.

And now today’s episode of Sarah Makes Fun of Herself, titled “Oooh ONLY an hour…girl, please!”

So you’re disappointed in yourself for JUST running for an hour, huh? Really?! How easily you forget how a month ago you would’ve thrown yourself a party after such a feat. (I believe the actual sentiment was something like “I love me and want to buy me diamonds.”) And now you’re beating yourself up about only making it an hour today when your goal was 90 minutes. Come on, Ms. Glass is Half Empty…I think you’re forgetting that the glass is really big and you’ve been filling it up for AN HOUR. If you won the lottery you’d be like, “oh man! This sucks. I wanted to win two lotteries!” Give yourself a little credit. Don’t become your own stage mom, withholding meals and sleep until you can sing “the sun’ll come up tomorrow” in perfect pitch. You friggen ran for an HOUR this morning. Chin up, chum!

The end.

Honestly though, this hour was a big challenge. I’ll blame less consistency in running and sleeping the last couple of weeks, as well as rehearsals running until midnight and the change in gloomy weather. I know, I know…if it were too easy I’d get bored…but I promise I wouldn’t complain if it got a leettle easier. Hear that, running gods???

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  1. c-love permalink
    16 November 2007 3:53 am

    you running stud…are you an apple student groupie on facebook? i sure hope so, because the offer i got today is pretty sweet…and made me think of you immediately:

    Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your workout mix from Nike!

    If you already have iTunes installed:

    To receive your Workout Mix click HERE.

    If you do not have iTunes installed:

    1. Download iTunes for Mac or Windows, free of charge, at
    2. Open iTunes and click iTunes Store.
    3. Click Redeem.
    4. Enter the code below. Your download will start immediately. Enjoy.



    use it and love it! :)

  2. Amanda permalink
    27 November 2007 4:39 pm

    I think Hey Ya will always make me happy too.

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