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“So no sun. Thanks for lying, weather widget”

22 November 2007

Thurs 11.22 oh man oh man

At 6:30 on Thanksgiving morning I’m having definite runner’s remorse. Why did I want to do a 5k on turkey day? Why is it only 28 degrees right now? Why was a ½ marathon such an exciting goal for me (holy hell it’s a week and a half away…)?
I slept kind of restlessly. Christmas morning feelings plus anxiety. It’s just so comfy and warm in bed…but I also didn’t want to oversleep.

Jennifer and I are running together. That’ll be a challenge for a Solo Runner like me.
But I’m trying to turn all these challenges into fun. That’s what this one’s all about after all. People dress up like pilgrims and Indians for pete’s sake. There’s a turkey on my free t-shirt. And it’s all for a good cause.

I’m ready to kick this 5k’s ass. Meaning, if I can break 30 minutes I’ll be a super stud ☺
If I could do 27 minutes I’d feel like a super super stud.
It’s just 3 miles. Dude. You got this.
(But dude hasn’t run since Saturday. Dude’s training has waned. Dude’s a little worried)
But I have the power of wicking fabrics, and FOOD to look forward to. There’s nothing in this world to worry about now.
I’ve an idea! While running I should think about all the things I am thankful for. That’s super hokey, but it ought to at least motivate me for a mile or so…
1) functioning legs
2) changing seasons
3) personal challenges
Trying to think positive. Ok now I’m just stalling. Go get ready.

Was just letting my mind drift while getting ready about the half marathon (in *gulp* 9 days) and how part of the excitement is not knowing exactly if I’m going to be able to to do it (not like in July of course, I mean I AM going to do it…) If it were just going to be easy, and there was no mystery about it, what would be the fun in that?

And then I had to pause, and realize how different me of November 2007 sounds. I mean I’ve always loved a good challenge, but a challenge I knew I could beat. Always avoiding failure. Especially in physical pursuits. Oh look at me now!


9:20 a.m.
Gave Coach Kevin a call, apparently he got 7th overall. Damn.
So. Another 5k down…it was SO cold today.

“So no sun. Thanks for lying, weather widget”—Jen

It was fun running with someone else, mainly to have someone there to giggle with beforehand about how absurdly cold it was (weather widget right now, almost 2 hours later, says 26 degrees), and about how most men should not wear the running tights of the snugly fitting variety they choose (“the poor children…right at eye-level…”), and there happened to be 2 women very close to us at the start in denim skirts. Honest to god denim skirts.
As the national anthem begins, a hush sweeps through the crowd. A man in front of us removes his free turkey trot foam visor. He’s a true patriot.
We speculate about what important announcements are being made by local celebrity Ned Reynolds, since we are back in the 9 minute mile section and can’t hear.

me: Maybe they’ve released wild tigers on the course. And they like girls in orange hats.
She: I’m screwed!

Lessons learned: cold-air numbness + adrenaline of a race have their charms. I couldn’t even feel my lower half until mile 2…so there’s no risk of soreness. I kept up with Jen’s pace, faster than mine, for 2 miles. Was quite proud, but had to slow down my stride in mile 3. Or, I slowed down my stride. Don’t know about “had to”. I don’t remember any particular pain at that point, my legs were fine, my lungs didn’t have that not-enough-air ache. It was 100% mental, and I dropped the ball. Well, and I also had to pee REALLY bad, right from the start. And there were some moments of uncomfortable phlegm.
It was tough, even with motivators along the way. Random guy jogging alone “there’s a spring in your step now. That’s right. Let’s go!” to anyone who would listen. Many parents—mostly dads—running with older elementary school aged kids: “now at this point your brain is going “stop stop” so you just have to tell it to keep going!”
“See that stoplight up there? once we pass that we’re almost done!” It was helpful even for me.

But why did the race have to end on that hill right before Benton?? That hill is murder! I was proud of myself that I was able to pump up the last few strides and pass some people and not feel totally ashamed that I really didn’t do any tricks today.
It was a nice warm up (pun fully intended) for next week. I know I need to hydrate in the days leading up, so that that morning I don’t have to drink so much that I have to pee. There was an actual fear that I would not be able to control my bladder in the cold, with all the concentrating on moving my legs and breathing, my bladder would just go “hey guys, she’s not paying attention. Let’s go!” Bad scene.

Lesson learned #2: Damn! This cold weather running stuff is serious! I do love my new sports bra. As I told Jennifer, it’s serious. Like armor. Like I’m being hugged by a very persistent tiny person, and just around my chest. Ok that metaphor doesn’t quite work. But boy does this bra. Yowza!
I also enjoy my cute Nike jacket, though I’m fearing the cuteness surpasses its practicality after all. It’s too snug to wear over a long sleeve t, and kind of awkward under one. SO I think I need to get another tight layer to go under it.
Also need some cheap gloves and headgear. You would not believe how distracting cold hands are. Oh and tights under my pants.

But anyway, I survived this race, and actually pretty easily. The energy of the air through my lungs and my feet warming up the rest of me was really nice.
And to top it all off I get to eat the best meal of the year in just a couple more hours. Not so bad.

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