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and a pen to sign autographs

28 November 2007

Nov 28 wed
Omgosh. Can’t believe the race is 3 DAYS AWAY!
And I can’t believe that my brain is playing the “maybe I can’t do this game.” Oh I can do this. I can and I’m going. St. Jude already has my $60. I’ve worked hard ALL semester, and a lot of people are counting on the fact that I’m going ot pull through on this. So…I’m not going to wimp out in the final round.
No matter how much my knee hurts…
Or how worried I am about cold weather…
I am half-marathon ready. Ima gonna run 13 miles on Saturday. This is a big deal, y’all.

today’s iMix:
Lose Yourself—eminem
All these things I’ve done—Killers
I will buy you a new life—everclear
If you really love me—oh stevie, sing me songs.
Over My head—the fray
Don’t Go Away—Oasis (if ever there was a song that makes me want to succeed for the sake of all the failures of junior-high me, this is it.)
Used 2 Love U—John Legend
Autumn—Pico Vs Island Trees

30 minutes today. Tomorrow I’ll do an hour, another 30 on Friday…I should be good…
Then Saturday I’ll run for a decent-length movie.
I’ll run for the drive to Kansas City.
I’ll run for 2 episodes of This American Life.

My knee does hurt. I’m worried about it. It’s held up this long…please don’t crap out on me now…so I am again all Advil, and all comfortable shoes, and all stretching…
Oh boy I’m ready to carb load tomorrow. Bring on the bagels!
Listen to me. “Carb load.” Almost as if I actually know what I’m talking about.

Today I again asked Kevin about what I should eat, how much to drink. Things we’ve talked about 100 times but I like sage advice. It makes me more at ease.
So he rattles off a list of healthy foods (pizza’s okay but be careful of cheese, lots of veggies, an apple) and then “…and a pen to sign autographs.” hahaha.

I said “I’m nervous.” and he said, “Nervous?! You mean trained, pumped, ready, bring it on, I got this, right?” And he’s right. I haven’t worked this long or this hard just to wimp out here in the last stretch when it’s gotten tough. (wow. If that ain’t a metaphor for life, I don’t know what is). And surely the last 30 minutes of the race (the 30 minutes I haven’t ever run) aren’t going to be the easiest thirty minute run of my life.
But that’s no reason to give up.
Not now.

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