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it’s finally today

30 November 2007

Nov 30
It’s finally today. My race countdown widget says “1 days”.
Amazing. There’s this new me who takes risks and tries things she never thought she would and actually enjoys exercise…but somewhere inside there’s also the old me who stresses out at the last minute. At that’s how I find myself this morning. With a long to-do list before I hit the road to Memphis. But a very important one is my last run. A victory lap of the neighborhood before I test my feet out in a new one.

Last 30 minutes before the Big Race. Funny, how during the first 30 minutes of a run I feel like it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life, but once I’m past that stage it feels like I could run forever.
It really is all mental.

I think I have a good trick for tomorrow. For the first 30 minutes I’m going to try to think about nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just concentrate on my pace and my breathing. Then if I need to think later, I’ll start with song lyrics, and then think about how happy I’ll be to call and text everyone afterwards that I did it. And that I didn’t stop. No matter how hard it got.

Today’s SparkPeople mass e-mail is “remember to reward yourself”. Oh don’t worry, mass e-mail. I will…

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