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Merry Christmas Adam

23 December 2007

Yes, I’ve been calling December 23 that since I was a kid, and I’m sure at the time I thought I was the first person to ever be so clever.

Now I realize that most of my cleverness is recycled.

SO. December happened, huh? I’ve been scolded by more than one faithful reader for still not posting about my race. Well, wait no longer! I took my laptop with me to Memphis and wrote it all down day-of, so you’ll find Dec 1 updated today.

To give away the ending: I survived. And it was amazing.

And now I need a new Big Goal…

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  1. Amanda permalink
    24 December 2007 4:01 pm

    Maybe your new Big Goal should be something completely different – like learning how to make sushi or being in a Little Theatre show.

  2. 29 December 2007 4:50 am

    shes back folks. glad to see something new while checking my ole internet rounds. since you want to get into cookin’ jenk, you should for a gold plan a ridiculasly(sp?) snazzy dinner with several courses for some friends. me and the girl cooked everything from scratch for thanksgiving for the ma and gma, and it really was tough stuff. makes you apprieciate growing up and getting a nice dinner. seriously though if you ever need some recipies pick my brain, we have over 20 cookbooks now…


    p.s. the new big goal isnt having a baby is it. cause that is a long pre-process that could be potentially blogged(word?) about… weird.

    p.s.s. sorry about the first post script.

  3. 29 December 2007 4:52 am

    for a gold?…

    i probably mean for a goal… sorry i don’t edit well. my english bad. 2×3=6

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