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7 February 2008

Oh and I updated my movies and books. Did a lot of the watching and the reading over winter break. I’ll try to be better with the commentary in the future…

I welcome discussion, of course! That is, if I have any readers left after my long vacation from blogging…

Last night I saw I’m Not There at the Moxie. It’s been playing there since before Christmas it feels like, and I finally got around to it. I was concerned, because I’d been told by 2 friends, whose movie opinions I often trust, that I was going to hate it. I’m happy to report that I disagree with them.
First of all, I’ve come to enjoy the feeling of seeing a movie alone on a weeknight. There’s something comforting about it. But this movie in particular was fun to take in by myself, and let myself be confused and fascinated at the same time. I kept thinking how confusion and fascination in just the right combination can be a sign of really good art. I couldn’t stop thinking about this movie while I was watching it, and to me that’s a very good sign.
It’s an odd movie. I’m sure there’s a lot I didn’t get because I don’t know a whole lot about Bob Dylan. But it was 100% worth my Moxie card stamp.
I’d say I recommend it, but I saw the very last showing.
So rent it sometime.

PS–The Diving Bell and the Butterfly just opened at the Moxie today. I already saw it in Kansas City, and it may or may not be my favorite movie of the year. That’s a list I’ve yet to commit to. But go see it. And then buy the book. If you’re a nerd like I am.

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