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The Blog is Back

7 February 2008


It’s the first day of Lent (well, technically it’s the day after now…but I’m still writing. It still counts.) And this year I’ve given up “not writing”. Yup. Until Easter I’m getting back into good habits, so check back often. It’s going to be fun.

I realize I could’ve given up any number of things: TV, soda, facebook.
But I barely watch TV anymore, and soon as I give it up, the writers strike will be over and I’ll miss Jim and Pam’s wedding or something spectacular like that.
I also rarely drink soda, but when I do it’s a nice boost in an otherwise stressful day. Or a necessity…you can’t go to Taco Bell and NOT order Baja Blast.
And facebook is the one way I keep in touch with many friends scattered all over the country…since I’m bad at phone calls and rarely write letters.
And I know lent is supposed to be about sacrifice, but I’m not even Catholic…so I don’t feel all that guilty. (ha. In more ways than one…)
So I’ve decided I’m giving up procrastinating. Seems kind of convoluted to say that I’m going to give up NOT doing things, but here I am with the p-word as maybe my most fatal flaw, and here’s a tool to help me deal with it. Thank you, ritual sacrifice!

So here I am. A new assignment. This time not attached to any external project. Just writing.


But where to begin? I can’t count the number of times over my month-long blog break that I said “I should blog about that!” and scribbled something down in my notebook or on a sticky note or the back of a receipt. (Sometimes while driving. (Writing is not safe.)) It seems unfair that there’s so much inspiration and only one ME to take it all in, decide what’s good, what’s worth keeping.

at any given moment my mind is swirling with ideas:
old people at walmart: endearing or sad
Movies I see, books I read
Coincidences and Conversations
Improv scenes
Quirky wisdom on local business marquees
The ups and downs of an ordinary workday
(and it’s my job to live in a residence hall. the stories I could tell.)
Beauty in the mundane: doing dishes, wrapping a gift
An obscure story or interview on CBS Sunday Morning or This American Life
My family. Here alone are several novels.

See? My mind is a wide-open window, and the world is a dust-storm. And it’s my job as a writer to take in the dust and sift out the glitter, and glue it to a page, and hold it up proudly, saying, look what I made!
It’s no wonder I’m sometimes tired, and it feels easier just to ignore my mind.
And switch on the TV
Or drink a soda
Or hop on facebook
But not anymore. Not until Easter.

So come back. If this entry didn’t exhaust you, I think you’ll make it just fine.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. whit permalink
    7 February 2008 11:38 pm

    Word. I’m glad you’re back.

  2. arthi permalink
    10 February 2008 12:10 am

    yay sarah!

  3. 19 February 2008 6:14 am

    Glad the blog is back. Welcome to my world of no soda or tv. All I do is listen to NPR. Livn’ the life.

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