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10 February 2008
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I’ve never made a list like this before. It’s exciting to revisit every movie I saw in 2007 (well, to be accurate, in the last Oscar-cycle) and pick my favorites. My top ten is unlike others because I pick the movies that gave me the best movie-going experiences of the year. The ones that changed me the most for the better. Not necessarily the best technically, or the best reviewed.
For example, There Will Be Blood, some say, is a work of cinematic genius, but it made me feel like dying inside…so, it’s not on the list.

7 honorable mentions:
Becoming Jane
Bee Movie
Charlie Wilson’s War
I am Legend
Jane Austen Book Club

And now, The Best:

10) Superbad–Rounding out the top 10 with a comedy, because I was disappointed by recent hyped-up comedies: Borat, Knocked Up. But this one was 10x funnier than I expected, and also had some heart. And Michael Cera is cute as a little awkward ol’ button. What’s not to like?
9) I’m Not There–already gushed about this one. Art / Identity / Hmm…
8 ) Atonement–not “the epic movie of the decade” as ads had raved, but my opinion of it has improved with time, especially after reading Ian McEwan’s book. Many images have stuck with me. Typewriter keys, the library, the minutes-long one-shot war scene. And I love James McEvoy.
7) Once–Hairspray, who? Without a doubt the best musical of the year. I admit I almost didn’t like it at first. “It’s so sad…” and it is. Not at all a Meg Ryan romance (though I enjoy those as well…), but it’s real and it’s hopeful…once you stop wanting it to be a fairy tale.
6) The Darjeeling Limited–Wes Anderson + India = I was super-excited to see this one.
5) The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford–fascinating story of obsession and betrayal. Brad Pitt perfect for the role with its implications about American celebrity. Casey Affleck: He’s not just for Oceans movie sidekicking anymore!
4) Lars and the Real Girl–Happy tears, sad tears, isn’t-life-wonderful tears.
3) Black Snake Moan–The feminist in me wanted nothing to do with this movie for a long time (she’s in underwear and chains? are you kidding me?!), but I broke down and saw it at the palace and love love loved it. Justin Timberlake, a redemption story-line, and hot-blues-dance-hall soundtrack. And learned from the commentary that I’ve been to some of the Memphis locations where they filmed. Pretty cool.
2) Ratatouille–Animation never ceases to amaze me. The visual experience of this movie alone had it at #1 on my list for a long, long time. Add to it a story of the journey of the artist, and the life-saving power of creation. I love it! That moment where he’s leaning back watching the Eiffel Tower after his big night in the kitchen, when everyone deserted him but he pulled through anyway, and you can just feel his little creative mouse fulfillment…my heart explodes every time. This might be my favorite Pixar movie yet.
1) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly–So excited this just opened at The Moxie and can’t wait to see it again. I can’t do it justice in just a few lines, so I may do a full entry about it later. Inspiring, hilarious, beautiful. As is the book.
1.0) To and From–Obviously this was the best best movie of the year, and the experience of (making and) watching it (and watching again) better than any other of 2007.

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  1. You know permalink
    11 February 2008 6:22 am

    Of course, some might contend that the very idea of “Becoming Jane” made them feel like dying inside, all manor of mad props to the actual life of Jane Austen aside. As well, its callous disregard for milkshakes and the like.

  2. Ep (it auto corrected my other post to so) weird permalink
    19 February 2008 6:29 am

    okay, I’ll agree (somewhat) about there will be blood. It definatly was cinematic genius, but it was not the best movie I ever saw (like our boy would leave you to believe). Superbad would not be on my list, all hype, big let down. I really want to see lars and the real girl, but I don’t have a moxie anymore :(. I couldn’t even believe how amazing ratatouille was. Seriously amazing. Darjeeling was good, but no rushmore or life aquaitc to me… I still need to read attonement, but I did like the movie, and really got in to the typewrter noises. Did you ever see no country for old men, I see it didn’t even make the list, I still haven’t seen of and thus far have only heard todd’s opinion…

  3. arthi permalink
    22 February 2008 5:40 am

    i am surprised to find that “ps i love you” is missing form this list

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