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sooner than later

10 February 2008


In keeping with the new Lent resolution of doing things sooner than later, today I did the following:

1) Read my homework for Tuesday’s class AND Thursday night
2) Organized months of receipts, bills, statements into a real-live filing system
3) Went running for the first time in *cough* weeks

And let me tell you, in case you weren’t sure, 31 degrees is cold, y’all! It’s painful cold. Even when dressed in layers and a sporty knit headband. When I came back inside my apartment felt like it was on fire. And this drafty old place has been known to feel fiery, basically anytime I choose to barely turn on the 80 year old radiators, but not today.
My glasses are steamy, my ears are throbbing, and my lungs are raspy. My equilibrium is thoroughly confused. And I can’t remember the last time I felt so alive. It’s amazing. I only ran a mile, but already that I’ll-kick-the-world’s-ass-and-face-all-my-fears-and-plant-some-daisies-while-I’m-at-it feeling is back after just one run.
My reflection in car windows as I pass is a little rounder than it was two months ago…and I only have myself (and cold weather and Christmas goodies) to blame.
Speaking of facing fears…I was at Target this week and swimsuits are out. (There was also snow on the ground this week. Retail waits for no one.) For years I’ve been an advocate of retro swimwear making a comeback…and I mean really retro. Neck-to-knee. Once again my wish has not been granted, and a variety of polka dot, flowery, stringy, shiny doll clothes are available for sale so that anorexic pre-teens everywhere have something to folic about in at the beach. Okay, okay. That’s a bit much. Just writing that line made me laugh at my own ridiculousness. Then wheeze a little.
No need to panic. It’s only February. Summer is still far away. Spring Break will find me in Minneapolis. I won’t need to think about wearing a swimsuit for a comfortable amount of time. But staying healthy (and the lovely side-effect of not looking gross in swimwear) is a process made of small steps, consistent decisions made every day…sooner than later.
And it seems there’s always a new temptation…another thing I did today: went to the new north side Chipotle. mmm…burrito bol…

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