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What a Lentdown

19 February 2008

Sad story: the title of this post is probably the most creative thing I’ve written all week.

(Probably not true. I’ve written a lot in recent days, in e-mails to myself, on napkins (believe the cliche!), in my notebook that’s always with me, in random notepad files I open on my mac desktop in hopes someday they’ll develop into something more than notes…)

But who has the TIME to complete anything?!  ADULT life is so much busier than I ever imagined. (I remember reading articles in Mom’s “mom magazines”* about scheduling time to pluck eyebrows, pay bills. It seemed so silly to my little-kid self, who had nothing better to do than go to school and develop elaborate social lives for her toys. And oh the books I could read! The time to doodle!) I’m even writing this at my desk, still at work.

I have, in the midst of the busy, set another BIG GOAL for myself. And I feel that making it public will make me stick with it.  I’m taking Creative Writing II: Nonfiction this semester, and we’ve read some essays out of Brevity, a journal of short-short nonfiction.  I am going to submit something this semester, and be a true (term I’ve stolen from the Brevity page) “nonfictionist”. 

Delicious new goal. I’m excited. Maybe I’ll submit 13.1.


*A “mom magazine” is a publication that can be purchased at a Wal-Mart checkout counter, which features–among other things–photos of seasonally themed cupcakes and tips on sensible handbag purchases, appealing to moms everywhere.  See: Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, Family Circle.

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  1. arthi permalink
    22 February 2008 5:42 am

    i’m glad you’re blogging again–you’re so funny!

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