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March comes in like woah

9 March 2008

Forget Lions or Lambs, y’all. The month’s just a week old, but it’s already been full. Like woah.

Not a good time to lose an hour. I already don’t have enough time for the many obligations, projects, and deadlines that work, 2 classes, countless creative aspirations, and everyday busy-ness add to my to-do list.

And the blog. It just sits here. Day after day. I have ideas, lots of them, but I think I’m not sure which direction I want the blog to go right now… (At the risk of drawing an overwrought and overly-bloggy comparison: kind of like my life.) After spending yesterday thinking/talking/imagining the creative life (at the Self Employment in the Arts conference and at the Skinny show), I’m convinced (as always) that I want to live a creative life. Trouble is I love the idea of being a columnist, designing greeting cards, performing, writing a book, blogging, being a comedian, being crafty / craftivism, studying literature, teaching writing…and those are just my creative aspirations. I have others.

Spent some time rereading recent posts, and going through my browser bookmarks folder titled “creating! fun!” just trying to find some direction, something to focus on in this post that is long overdue. I found two things worth mentioning:

1) In my movie year-in-review I called The Diving Bell and The Butterfly “inspiring, hilarious, beautiful”, and realize now how this might seem a little inappropriate. Hilarious? Locked-in syndrome is a knee-slapper? What kind of freak are you? But Jean-Dominique Bauby IS hilarious, in spite of his bleak, depressing, unimaginable circumstances. (that’s where the “inspiring, beautiful” part comes in.)
I also totally forgot to mention Hot Fuzz, one of the most fun movies of the year.

2) I rediscovered this article I’d bookmarked: “Creative People Are More Distractable” Ain’t that the truth! I can’t get my brain to take a break.

So with tons of things on my to-do list, and even more on my mind, one thing I’m going to do is go outside and run. I don’t particularly feel like running today, but it feels like spring outside, and I feel stressed, so I know that running will make me feel better.

FYI: The race was 99 days ago. (At the risk of sounding overly-bloggy once more: OMG.)

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  1. alex permalink
    10 March 2008 1:33 am

    I think you should get a Ph.D. in craftivism, and Mike should get his in edutainment. Hands down…

  2. 11 March 2008 6:37 pm

    glad the blogs back (again) i would check up on ya every now and then and say, “oh that jenkins, busy as a bee…”

    I think you should create a new form of study and get a degree in craft/creative engineer… you could engineer craft and creative ideas… like what you do. all the time. seriously yo.


    p.s. i don’t say things like busy as a bee…
    p.s.s. or do i?

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