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Train of thought wreck

10 March 2008

How do you start with dying Easter eggs, move to recycling, and get to 90s TV commercials? Here’s how my mind works:

We dyed eggs in RA meeting tonight. Fun. Nostalgic. Vinegary. (Turns out the eggs weren’t so much hard-boiled as gooey-boiled. Festive nonetheless.)
As I was cleaning up afterwards, I felt a little guilty throwing away some newspaper. But it was so vinegar-soaked and messy, I thought the trashcan was a better destination than the recycling bin.
Later on I’m doing some homework, reading The Buffalo, Ben, and Me for my nonfiction class. Reading about this float trip makes me remember my days on a Missouri Stream Team (yup.) and childhood conservationism. I feel even more guilty for not recycling that newspaper.
And that gets me thinking about that commercial. Remember? Recycle, Reduce, Reuse…Close the loop! (Turns out that’s not even the right order. Catchy nonetheless.) I probably haven’t seen this commercial in 15 years, but I figure it has to be on YouTube…
It’s not.
And I feel cheated. Like a piece of my childhood is gone. It makes me sad. And I can’t even remember the dude’s name. (Though I feel like “Dave” might be right.)

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