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“It might as well be Spring”

1 April 2008

To make up for an extended Spring Blog Break, here’s a little montage of all things spring that have been making me smile lately. I hope they do the same for you.

You know it’s springtime at Drury when…
…Boys start playing volleyball in the sand court between Wallace and Smith, putting their board shorts and athleticism on display
…Dogwood trees are in bloom, so Drury Lane smells oddly like fish sticks

It’s medieval jousting time in the park on National and Sunset. Someday I want to do more than drive by and laugh. I have a feeling this is an experience not to be missed.

Deaf actress Marlee Matlin is on the newest season of Dancing With The Stars. I don’t even watch the show, but I caught her on Ellen, and this story is make-me-cry inspiring (well, as are many stories, I admit). She can’t hear the music, but she can still dance. Love it.

Went to a bridal shower last weekend. Maybe I was feeling particularly schmaltzy (well, when am I not…), maybe this was a particularly special bride-to-be, but I was struck by the power of love and family and friendship and connection and memories. It’s enough to make a girl feel a little warm inside, even a girl who’s usually pretty bitter come bridal shower time.
But I also can’t help but conjure the Sex and The City episode where Carrie wants to have a single-shower. (just looked it up, it’s season 6, episode 83, “a woman’s right to shoes”) Yeah, I’ll admit I’m a little jealous when I stop to think of all the brand-new kitchen gadgets that I await me, and society deems perfectly appropriate for my friends and family to buy for me, IFF I commit to a legally-binding long-term relationship with a man…

I love the first flip-flop friendly days, and allowing my toes out of hibernation

I’m a sucker for new tank tops in a variety of bright colors and sassy patterns, and will pay Express way too much to let me have them

Easter: Yes I enjoy the redemption and family togetherness, but my favorite part has to be putting peeps in the microwave. Did you know if you stick toothpicks in them beforehand you can make them joust?

Another Easter highlight: the candy. Starburst jellybeans, Cadbury, old-school marshmallow eggs in Styrofoam cartons. Does it get any better?

One more: Saw a little girl at Target, sitting in her mom’s cart, pointing up at an Easter ad: “look at the chickie! He’s got a mag-a-nifying glass!” Adorable!

On a recent Sunday run I crossed paths with a family: mom in sunglasses, dad in baseball hat, baby in stroller, dog on leash, cat trailing lazily behind, out on a midtown spring walk.

And finally, a random musical moment, featuring Momma Partridge in younger days. Taken out of context it’s really amusing. Note the tuxedo-wearing fellows.

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