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Week in Review

9 April 2008

There Will Be Blood
Last week I finally gave in to the peer pressure. Everyone else was doing it…so I gave blood. (is there anything I won’t do for free a tshirt?)

Giggled to myself at the top-secret questionnaire: “have you ever come into contact with someone else’s blood?” (good lord!) I sign a waiver that says, among other things, that I agree to “invasive procedures” to get my blood.

As I sit in the blue lawn chair, arm swabbed up and waiting, I’m more nervous than before I went skydiving. I think it’s because I know what needles feel like, and I’d never jumped out of a plane.
They’re listening to KGBX, and I know I’ll never think of “If you like pina coladas…”, “love lift us up where we belong…” or “I can only imagine…” the same way again.

It wasn’t so bad, after all–though I did have to put my feet up twice from a warm, near-pass-out feeling. I got a heroic hot pink pressure wrap and free tshirt. And all I lost was a pint–about 1/10 of my blood. 8 more weeks and i just might do it again.

Rockin the Suburbs
Last week I saw Ben Folds. Super sexy.
I can’t get enough of the rock-out piano and the lunging in the tan pants with the grey tshirt and the too-big glasses and the pitch-perfect singing and the nerdy jokes and the maracas and the leading us like a choir and the encore and the loudness and the dancing like a white girl.
Too much fun.

Opening guy: Eef Barzelay (god bless you) wears the all-white suit and does the squat-and-jump with his guitar, and is entertaining and has the clever lines, but I feel too ill-equipped in music assessment to actually rate him. (especially after reading Lester Bangs’ “Astral Weeks” for class. That’s music writing.) Too excited to be objective. He dedicates a song to all the ladies, we enjoy that. He says that the Mormons think that Eden was in Missouri. I say to Jill “I wonder if he says that to all the states…”

We were in row D. As in DAMN! (only said like my RAs sometimes say it…daaaayum!) Looked back at one point, when all were singing bitches ain’t shit, and there were SO MANY PEOPLE behind us.

He sang (almost) all my favorites, except Song for the Dumped and Luckiest—which are my earliest and most vivid ben folds memories. So…maybe it’s for the best.
First memory: went to smart camp for gifted junior high kids. The weekend field trip to Silver Dollar City. Singing “Give me my money back” on the bus back from branson…over and over and over. This was in 8th grade (ten years ago!).
Most vivid: hearing “The Luckiest” for first time, in my car on the way to see freshman boyfriend. It was on a CD a boy (this one just a friend) had given me to expand my musical horizons. (Freshman me knew she loved Dave Matthews, but not too much else.) Today it can still make me cry. So simple and beautiful and sad.
But let’s not worry about what didn’t happen.

Could feel the noise in my chest. Couldn’t stop smiling at the piano skills. Bought a tshirt. All is right with the world.

That’s Amore
Last week I for-real committed to going to Italy in July. I will turn 25 in Venice.
Looking at my old passport photo–she looks so tiny. I can’t believe they let her go to India. I can’t believe they let her go on dates.

I am excited that my trip to Italy gives me another BIG ASSIGNMENT: learn basic Italian phrases, watch Roman Holiday, listen to Dean Martin. Eat lots of pasta and drink lots of wine. My kind of assignment.

one more thing
ps—did you see the April 08 Vanity Fair?

2 Comments leave one →
  1. A-Mill permalink
    9 April 2008 11:18 am

    Since I was intending to go to Italy this summer, I bought a CD for your iPod that had thousands of Italian phrases on it. However, I’m not going anymore, so if you’re interested in stealing it, lemme know. -Al

  2. Amanda permalink
    9 April 2008 7:42 pm

    Oh, so you’re too good to go to Italy in March with me, but when an opportunity comes up in July (and with whoever you’re going with) you jump all over it. Lame.

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