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In honor of tax day…a trip down memory lane

15 April 2008

For the last few weeks, whenever I’d think about doing my taxes (and don’t worry, they’re filed. I’m not a criminal) a vivid memory of a scene from Full House would come to mind.
(Something’s not right in my brain. I often can’t remember what I did the day before yesterday, but I can produce mental transcripts of TV shows I watched 15 years ago.) Disturbingly nerdy. But it amuses me, so I will share it. And hope it amuses you.

Scene: Joey and Michelle are chatting. Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky have just gotten married. (That episode I don’t remember, but I bet someone said “have mercy…”) Michelle is distressed because she can’t get Uncle Jesse or Aunt Becky to answer the door to their attic apartment. Hubba hubba.

Michelle: What are they DOING up there?
Joey: Well, Michelle, they’re doing their taxes.
Michelle: Are they going to be doing their taxeees every NIGHT?
Joey: For the first couple of months…

And scene!

Drove by the post office on Chestnut today, and saw an interesting real-life tax day scene as well. There’s a handful of fair-tax supporters holding up signs painted on sheets and poster board. Their signs say things like The IRS is a fraud and honk to end war. Just a few feet away, there’s one soldier in full camo, holding his own sign that says Thank you. That money supports soldiers like me.
That gave my little mind something to chew on. Would there be a better juxtaposition than that? I wonder if any tv stations got that on camera. What an illustration of what I was feeling when crunching the numbers on my too-confusing 1040. (I was also feeling curiosity about what happens next. Who keeps track of all this? The process and organization is mind-boggling. Whose job is it to open my envelope, double-check my W-2s? It’s bizarre, but I really want to know who it is. Is that all they do all day? How does the IRS work? Essentially, I want Mr. Rogers to send the magic trolley to the IRS and show me. I trust when he shows me how crayons are made. (but are taxes much like hot dogs? would it be better not to know?)) Okay but back to what I was feeling. A mixture of love for America and mistrust for America’s leadership.

Love and mistrust. I could write a book.

On a slightly related note, I looked at my Yahoo horoscope today, hoping it might have something insightful to say about tax day. It was this: It’s a good day for you to separate the good people in your life from the bad ones.
Oh yahoo…if only it was that simple…

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  1. kris permalink
    17 April 2008 9:22 pm

    I think we can recall episodes of full house so much easier because we’ve seen each episode AT LEAST a dozen times. And I am in no way ashamed to admit that.

  2. Amanda permalink
    18 April 2008 10:28 am

    Oh my god, I LOVED the crayon-factory episode of Mr. Rogers!! I actually think about it quite often and want to watch it again.

  3. babyfatjones permalink
    25 April 2008 9:51 am

    haha, i remember that episode of full house. i seem to remember at the time being on the same page as michelle by not knowing what joey meant either. and i also remember the crayon episode of mr rogers. i liked the peanut butter episode the best :-)

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