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Life is good

4 August 2008

I’m feeling all grown up.

For example, I’m tired at 9:00 p.m. Gone are the days when I kept the hours of a college student…I worked a normal day, and then I came home and did more unpacking/cleaning/home-making. And I know there will be times when work follows me home, but it’s not the same as work BEING my home. And that is refreshing.

Speaking of HOME…As of today I’ve been living here a full week!

And I have decided during this process that moving should be a circle of hell. It’s time-consuming, sweaty business. I’ve had moments where I couldn’t find my spoons, or jeans, or sticky notes. all inconvenient. Your life is in boxes. It’s a lonely, in-between feeling, leaving behind a place that was YOURS and transitioning to a place that will be yours, but doesn’t feel like it yet.

Having no cable has made me realize I can live without TV, though it is disconcerting. In some moments of my routine I have just grown used to the white noise: in the a.m. getting ready, winding down at night, and I especially miss the daily show and colbert.
…and i have no idea what’s happening on Bravo. (this may be a good development.)
Pleasant side effect: I am going to blaze through my tv on dvd collection.

While I’m still waiting for my second a/c unit to get installed, I realize I will not take climate-control for granted again. I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who go through Springfield summers without a/c at all—every day.
Turning lemons into gratitude.

As I settle in and unpack my stuff, I really do believe (and oh wasn’t Wall-E cute because of it), that little knickknacks are what make me feel at home. Having my possessions in their place makes me feel anchored. I love looking at my bookshelf, overflowing. I love having drawers filled with kitchen gadgets. Clothes divided by category and color. (Yes, I do that.) and in between lots of little items that probably seem insignificant by themselves, but together have significance for me. Where I bought this, the person who gave me that.


So along with the moving and the starting the new job, I’ve got a couple of side projects going on:

1) I’ve decided I’m running the St. Jude Half-Marathon again this year! December 6, which is 123 days away (thanks countdown widget!), to be exact. Expect more running updates…when I have time to start a routine again…and when it’s not friggen 100 degrees.

2) I’m collecting Things People Do That Aren’t Funny, But Are Intended To Be:
–Saying “housekeeping” when standing outside a hotel door
–in most circumstances, making a sandwich into a puppet
–Branson shows who ask you to say “howdy”, but the first time is never loud enough
Please feel free to submit your own. This is obviously a pressing issue.

3) I’m not going to let myself buy new books until I have read a significant chunk of the ones I own. I haven’t counted the number of books in my house, but it’s obscene. They populate every room. And I own a lot of great ones that I just haven’t gotten around to reading…so that’s a new hobby. And a new temptation.
Don’t buy 3 Musketeers minis.
Don’t facebook stalk your ex boyfriend.
Don’t buy new books.
A girl needs some self-control!

4) I’m going to Vietnam.
No, really.
I know for many of you this is absurd. Didn’t you just go to Italy? (ps—I haven’t written about Italy yet…I know…I will…) Didn’t you just start a new job?
Yes, it’s true. And I’m super-excited about it, though I haven’t even been able to let it really sink in. Our first planning meeting was two weeks ago, and I left it thinking “I might like this trip even more than Italy…and Italy was 2 of the best weeks of my life…how is that even fair?!”
I’ll explain more about it in the weeks to come (and update on my Vietnam reading list! …all from the library of course…) but for now just check out the blog for Convey Studios, where I will also be writing, and where you can learn a little about the trip.

Life is good.

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