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my new favorite thing

10 August 2008

These New Balance commercials.

1) This dude’s voice is made for narration. I’m 98% sure he’s the voice from Little Children. [great movie. and book. recommend both.]

2) I don’t know how many times I’ve compared running to love and thought i was quite clever…seems like NB thought of it first…

3) I am also a fan of finding other running blogs.  And after just a quick scan, I think this girl could be my BFF.  Or, more accurately PWBIABHAMAIKOCTCTBHBFF (person whose blog i admire, but haven’t actually met, and is kind of creepy to claim to be her best friend forever).


Today I did mildly athlete-y things, y’all!

–I bought cute running tank-tops at Target. (The fact that I find them “cute” is evidence that I’m not as hardcore as I’d like to be…but um, they’re racer-back and wicking. so, there.)

–I ran 30 minutes. Pretty easily. Already miles ahead of where i was this time last year.

–SO I’m thinking I might run the 10K at the Sunshine Run in October. I had this thought while running tonight, feeling pretty pumped with new tunes on my iPod [Bon Iver and Girl Talk my newnewnewest favorites], thinking those grandiose endorphin-induced schemes that happen during a good run…which this fine evening included the bizarre, otherworldly notion that maybe, just maybe

I might


try to run the full MARATHON


in December.


Because I want a new challenge.




…and am insane.

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